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Are you seeking an inexpensive way to promote your products, services or business? Then become a sponsor of SweepsCon!

Convention Information

SweepsCon 2017 is being held from July 27th-30th 2017 in Orange County CA. The event is being promoted across the United States, Canada and the U.K. It will be an exciting event with an expected group of 500 attendees.

Who Are Sweepstakers?

The sweepstaker demographics varies greatly from the young stay-at-home mom with a few moments of free time to women balancing career, sweepstaking and caring to retirees who enjoy winning as their leisurely hobby of choice. The majority of these women (and some men) are key decision-makers when it comes to purchases large and small. People who enjoy this hobby are also keen to try new products and share their opinions with friends and family. The wonderful thing about this hobby is it appeals to all ages and everyone loves to have fun added to their lives.

Become a Sponsor

Promote your organization to a captive audience comprising key influencers, purchase decision-makers and those who remember the products behind great campaigns.

Sponsorship of SweepsCon is an excellent way to gain:

  • Exposure of your organization to an influential consumer group.
  • Acknowledgement as a key supporter of the sweepstaking community.
  • Complimentary conference registration (dependent upon sponsorship level).
  • Opportunities to promote your product or service through inclusion in social media marketing, presentations, convention materials and product sampling/distribution.


If you are seeking a free marketing opportunity, we are also offering a donation level of sponsorship. We are seeking items that can either be:

  • sent out by the advertising agency or sponsor directly from an online giveaway.
  • put in every attendee’s registration kit.
  • or larger value items to be given away as individual prizes.

For further details on all sponsorship levels and opportunities,
download our Sponsorship Information Package
or contact us directly:
info@sweepscon.com or 416-356-1116.