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Top 5 Questions

These are the top 5 questions we have received to-date.

Is this the annual national sweepstakes convention?

No it is not. There currently is no legal administrative body, organization, non-profit or charity running any sweepstakes conventions. All the sweepstakes conventions are run by volunteers. People that are so passionate about the hobby they choose to host an event to share the fun and excitement. Some are banquets, some are meetings, and some are conventions. You can find a full list of sweepstakes events for 2017 here.

What does the convention include?

The convention includes your attendance to all sessions, speakers, a full sit-down banquet and of course prizes!! You are responsible for transportation, accommodations, meals, shopping and sightseeing.

Why does the convention cost so much?

The convention fee is in line with all conventions, banquets and meetings. The registration fee covers the cost of the room rental, AV costs, the banquet and administration costs (welcome packets, for example). Any funds left over are used to buy prizes. The goal of every event is to be non-profit. We don’t want to make money, but the volunteers running the convention don’t want to lose money either.

Will there be raffles?

Where we differ from a national is we are currently not hosting any upgrade raffles. We are not going to giveaway any stamps, envelopes, postcards, etc. This is where our event becomes less expensive as at some events upgrades can be as much as an additional $500. There may be 50/50 drawing and possibly one set-up with the California State Lottery, but that is still in negotiations. Our goal is to get as many prizes donated as possible so attendees do not have to spend additional funds.

If you have a question, please email it to us and we will expand upon this page as required.